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The Energy Cell

THE ENERGY CELL and The Galena Crystal. Similarity of Electrical and Energy Field Action In regards to the TPEOM Energy Cell and the Galena crystal as two items of some similarity This dissertation is a very simple mundane mentioning format as an easy way to say and see 'the way' of The Galena mineral crystal as it provided humanity with a most simple form of a 'crystal' radio set.

The Galena crystal would receive radio energy waves and with some semiconductor help it would act as a simple radio receiver as tuned to a specific radio frequency channel due to the semiconductors properties.(a tunnel diode). The TPEOM Energy Cell once configured by combining certain atomic elemental matter will respond with a similarity of the galena crystal\mineral as receiving energy from the constant presence of the energy that is all around, and is known of but not being tapped into, therefore the energy cell is specially configured to tap into that all permeating aura of energy and produce an output of electrical energy..
The modality for that is:

The Configuration is: A 15.24 cm length X 5.08 cm diameter` (USA = 6" x 2") cylinder of fused quartz with a pre-fixed centered into place sandwich of Bakelite with a center disk of phosphor bronze.

Size is dependant upon application need.

Inside the right side of that cylinder is a filling of the element mercury (Hg) and to cap that mercury into that right side of that cylinder (+) there is an end cap of a new atomic element designated as named Energium.

For the left portion of that cylinder (-) it is filled with an atomic element isotope and is also capped with E131 to keep that isotope within that end of the cylinder.

Now to activate this energy cell, an atomic particle collider is required, for the first one to be activated, by a stream of protons being bombarded into the right portion of the cylinder that will bombard the Hg into a heightened energy status. To select the EMF potential the particle collider must be set at the needed electron volts (Mev 7.9) for the proton particles that are to be accelerated (99.9 c) by the particle accelerator/collider and then collided into that Hg element that is in the right portion of the energy cell cylinder


That differential of an energy status at that right end of the energy cell will offer an energy potential presence to the left side of the energy cell with a similarity of what the `lightning` differential potential is happening when the differential EMF potential of positive storm clouds (+) vs. negative electrical charge of planet Earth`s body (-)

Since electricity flows from positive to negative.

Earth`s weather is when there may include a lightning storm and lightning bolts that flow from the clouds as a lightning bolt strike from the clouds to the ground or aquatics. Most lightning happens inside a cloud, but sometimes it happens between the cloud and the ground

A build up of a negative charge builds up on the ground beneath the cloud, the differential in potential is attracted to the poasitive charge in the bottom of the cloud. The ground's negative charge concentrates around anything that sticks up - trees, lightning conductors, even people! The negative charge from the ground connects with the positive charge from the clouds and a spark of lightning strikes.

The energy cell does not produce lightning, even so, it is advisably safe to handle the energy cell with one hand that is wearing a 25 mm thick elbow length rubber glove.


"Operatrional Energy Cell, Test Display"

The continuance of EMF from the energy cell is its ability to tap into the cosmic, universal energy source as an unending source of power and convert that energy source into a predetermined electrical power output or source of a certain voltage and amperage.
Example: 240 VDC @ 300 Amps = 72,000 Watts.

For AC there is a need for a DC ~ AC inverter of at least 2600 Watts! Bravo DC~AC are ok. You're being set as using 240 volts then your amperage calculates into 10.83 amps, 2.6 Kwh. South East Asia, United Kingdom, Europe, Most of the world. You're being set as using 120 volts then your amperage calculates into 13.34 amps, 1.6 Kwh USA.. The cost of its monthly operation is "0" zero monetary funds.


Not at all the energy cell maintains itself near indefinitely. Nothing to be added to it by human intervention other than the possible replacement of the electronics parts of the sinusoidal tank circuit oscillator.

This is the best of the very best way as THE WAY to go forward unhindered by an electrical power need..

The Undamped Sinusoidal Oscillator // Frequency determining circuit.

Mathematically, the frequency, resonant frequency

Combining the equations

The tank circuit oscillator, The tank circuit oscillator, USSO, The Undamped Sinusoidal Oscillator // Frequency determining circuit.

To know more of the Galena crystal, mineral then go here: minerals/galena.shtml
Here you can see and read for yourself what I said concerning Galena and why I considered it as a potential example of the operation factor of the below energy cell.

Graphic example of the energy cell as configured and ready for application.

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(20) The Energy Source Of The TPEOM Energy Cell


Operational 1,600 W Energy Cell and D/C to A/C Converters unit.

The energy cells are set at 13.3334 Amps of DC at 120 VDC = 1600.008 Watts power output / 1.600008 Kwh.
Then from The Energy Cell into a Bravo DC / AC converter that allows for an operational capacity output from the system of the DC energy cell and the DC/AC converter of 120 Volts AC and 13 Amps of Electrical EMF of continuous AC power to operate your home for you for the rest of your life time at no additional monthly costs. The shipped cost of the unit is USD $300.00 & $425.00

The physical size of this TPEOM Energy Cell stands as L of 15 cm, Cir of 5 cm, and weight of 2.5 Kg.

This is easily handled by one human hand of any one at age 12 up to whatever.
UNIT A: 8.255 cm (3.25) thick and 11.43 cm (4.5")wide X 16.51 cm 6.5". long
UNIT B: 10.922 cm (4.3") thick and 12.7 cm 5.0"wide x 19.68 cm 7.75" long
UNIT A: DC/AC 2.36 kg 5.2 lbs
UNIT B; DC/AC 2.75 kg 6.06 lbs
SET A: Energy cell 2.5 kg OR 5.51 lbs
SET B: Energy Cell 2.5 kg or 5.51 Lbs
A unit weight 4.86 Kg or 10.72 Lbs
B unit weight 5.25 Kg 11.57 Lbs

Both are able to be carried in a back pack or by hand to any where there is a need for such an item

Should you have an interest for this item ( Energy Cell ) then you are welcome to make contact to TPEOM at;

Contact Information;

Prof. Dr. Yoshida, Mike Kazuo PhD. Prof, BA, Bsc, MBA, MD GP, CNC.
Environmental Science Physicist
Practical & Theoretical Physics Science Researcher R & D (ESPPTPSRRD)
The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia. Pyran organization.html
205A Jalan Pasir Puteh, Ipoh, Darul Ridzuan, Perak, 31450, Malaysia
This paper considered and texted by Dr. Prof. Yoshida BA. Bsc.

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