The below graphic items show the multi-tons of rubbish produced by humanity and thrown into or onto the land as waste.
This, all of this, can be and will be removed by the MEC and the land and underground water tables will be cleaned and purified from all the waste and toxification of the planet in all places that humanity has soiled and spoiled that can and will be recovered by the MEC of the TPO project.




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The full solution to a waste disposal system as the MEC conversion of the discards as waste converted into energy.

Matter into energy conversion. The way of this is to have at hand one or more MEC units that can be opened and filled with waste (rubbish).

Then at the easy push of a button the activation of the MEC happens and it will do as it is/was designed to do, convert the waste matter contained within its conversion chamber into energy and emit that energy as an energy wave so that when the doorway // portal of the MEC is again opened the waste that was put in there is truly gone.

Gone from sight, gone as being tangible viewable presence and space taking MATTER.

However, as then being energy, and not gone as in fact energy it is not just gone.

The fact then is that the waste material placed into the EMC is then not visible, not tangible and not knowingly detectable to or by the five human environmental senses as being present as tangible matter nor a physical environmental space presence taking matter.

That then is the definition of Gone.

TPEOM and its scientific physics technology is truly, Honorably the final absolute solution by way of the application of some of the sciences of physics to create the MEC converter unit and to do the removal of all the rubbish from Planet Earth.

And therein make the end of toxic planetary pollution poisoning before the conclusion of the year of 2045.,

Make your Donation now to help make the EMC as the real final tool of the saving of planet Earth and the life of you and yours.

Planet Earth MUST be Cleaned and saved by or Before the calendar year of 2045

Absolutely No Excuses or Exceptions!

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