The Energy Source Of The TPEOM Energy Cell

Nowadays, (2019) It is well known in the physics scientific communities that all throughout the universe there is an aura of 'energy', as a force of nature of the physical universe.

The entire universe is permeated with that Relative energy force. wherever you may or might be except within a singularity. [Black Hole]

Within this decade two physics scientists whom together after years of being a research team are to be awarded the Nobel prize for one member of the team known as Dr. Higgs after having theoretically proposed the existence of an atomic particle as a Boson.

Before the Nobel there was years of research with the Large Hadron Collider (cyclotron) that confirmed that particle and that particle is now known as the foundation of ' mass' for all particles of this universe and is tagged as the Higgs boson.

Yet to be known of that 'H-boson' particle is its particular aspect as the controlling factor of all the force(s) of energy of all particles of this universe.

Now then as to the action of the Energy Cell as a source of energy.

The Universes mainstay of Electromotive Force (EMF) energy is what humanity tagged as Direct Current DC a steady noncyclic yet variable energy, science agrees and made that statement of its particular profile.

Meanwhile humanity recognized in 1886 that noncyclic energy flow of DC and also discovered that DC electromotive force is not good for transmition over long power lines that must stretch over many kilometers of geographic distance and arrive as the same EMF level as it was originated from.

So then an individual, Nikola Tesla, had an inspiration to cycle that DC into an alternating format that is known from then and Mr. Tesla as Alternating Current AC EMF.

He invented and created the first sinusoidal oscillator circuit that did cyclically output AC from the DC input to that oscillator.

Alternating current, which is publically the most familiararily, used and recognized as a form of 'Electricity' of use for houses, or other types of human occupied or utilized stationary dwellings and in some instances mobile ones that float.

Even though most transportation types of conveyances for humanity do primarily use DC.

The basic point here is that the Universe operates at the EMF energy power of DC, and that DC energy is all around everywhere and readily anytime anywhere available.

Then comes the option modality of how to tap into that always present energy.

Historically only, to date there was one human that did recognize that energy and did tap into it, as High voltage DC from a lightning bolt. That one was Benjamin Franklin.

Then since Nikola Tesla was the beginning of AC electricity and the modality of long distance electrical power transmission and AC electrical motors.

AC became a standard electrical power type for need, use and production by humanity from 1889 to now. Though in the beginning only a few that could consistently afford the electrical installation and provision had electricity

Now to The Energy Cell.

The Energy Cell consists of 5 Atomic elements, one Isotope, one crystalline alloy, one fossil oil based plasticized chemistry product, a well known metal alloy and a silicon by product known as quartz.

The Energy Cell consisting of one new atomic element, an isotope of the atomic element, Hg along with pure Hg and another atomic element alloy known as phosphor bronze, a chemical combination known as 'Bakelite', and a crystallized cylinder of a composition known as fused quartz.

This combination of elements when the Hg and its isotope are activated by a cyclotron particle beam of 1.7 Mev will then tap into the surrounding permeating ever present Relative energy of the universe and the two poles of E124 of that energy cell then being at an opposite differential polarity will produce an EMF flow when the energy cell poles are connected through a conductive resistive load.

The output for this energy cell unit stands at 13.3334 Amps of DC at 120 VDC = 1600.008 Watts power output / 1.600008 Kwh.

Being that the resistive load is a light bulb of a tungsten filament or a neon incandescent bulb then the flow of EMF from the energy cell will cause the load to emit photonic light and light the immediate area near and around that light bulb or fluorescent lamp.

The activated energy cell is set at a specific output voltage and current level. No variance, unless another EMF is needed, then a different Energy Cell is made available for that..

This paper proposed, composed & written by

Dr. Prof. Yoshida BA. Bsc.
Environmental Science Physicist
The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia. Pyran organization.html
Lenkok Rishah, Taman Rishah,
Ipoh Darul Ridzuan, Perak, Malaysia

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