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Conscientious Living

Our every human action impacts the interconnected web of life upon planet Earth.

Daily decisions regarding what we do, what we consume, where we buy, how we choose to live, and the values that we hold and promote, effects this world and the communities we live in.
Every choice we make reveals how much we care for our world and our lives individually or collectively.
Today, the divergent paths are clear. Will our actions forge a world with collapsing natural ecosystems, mass scale species extinctions, growing pollution and waste, increasing social and economic disparity, and a lack of basic services to billions on the planet?
Or will our individual and collective actions contribute to healthy environmental ecosystems, social and economic equality, thriving habitats and a better quality of life for all?
The following considers the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the everyday choices we make and present alternatives for a more sustainable and just world. For those of us who ask, "What can I do?" - the answer resides in focusing on the individual actions that constitute a persons lifestyle, while utilizing the strength, synergism, and support that results from our collective actions. Every individual action does make a difference. The impact of millions of individual actions based on a vision of a truly sustainable ecological environment, and a social justice, in concert with collective actions focused on developing social structures that supports that environmental ~ ecological vision, can indeed create a better world.

A better world is possible, and it is up to us, You & TPEOM as a team to make it happen.

For TPEOM Registration approval the Malaysian government departments of ROS & KDN required seven (7) members as the originating members of the Board of Directors of TPEOM.

The TPEOM `Constitution` Is In Accordance With Its Motto, Its Objective, Its Vision, its Mission And Its Manifest Destiny Focused As The Energy Cell, The QC5, The Five New Atomic Elements And The Fully Configured Converter Of The EMC ~ MEC That Opens The Tangiable Path Into The Global Environmental Recovery, Regeneration And The Saving Of Planet Earth Inclusively Of All Species Of Life Living Upon Planet Earth!!!.

The Global Environmental Recovery, Regeneration And The Saving Of Planet Earth

The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia (TPEOM)NPO, NGO & Prof. Yoshida, M K.
Did unconditionally with no {conveniences}, Honorably make the final acceptance of its Manifest Destiny to save planet Earth.

To date TPEOM is actively involved in making contacts locally and globally with universities, governments, government agencies and other environmental organizations and scientific communities as shown at the bottom of this page as links. And references as placed upon other pages also.

However the prime question is:

Being that it is within your personal power and your personal decision that you undoubtedly have with you, would you make a moment to save planet Earth?

So with that, I NOW ask the following of you who is now reading this

Can you see the polluted air (atmosphere)?

Can you feel the increased daily heat (global warming)?

Can you see the increased rubbish being strewn into the land around you?

Do you have a young family that you care for and it would be an emotional disaster to you to know that they are now in this world only to aphixiate of toxic poisoning and planetary poisoning long before it is their normal time of their normal life span.

The most best of that is that now, today; within this final part of the year of 2018 you can make a difference to not let that happen to your family by your now making a difference with your involvement with The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia by making a fair donation to TPEOM today.
If you are now of the calendar age of 38 or any age and possibly married and possibly do have a baby child or so that is or are not into their teens, then that says that child or children should normally be here for another forty (40 ~70 - or 80) years or more, even if you aren't here.

IN total truth due to the current polluted environmental condition of planet Earth and its progressing into being totally polluted and dead within the next thirty seven {37} years then the child or children will be aphixiated by toxic waste pollution and poisoning as this planet Earths environment spoils by filling up into unrecoverable, non-disposable human toxic waste that aphixiates the planet and all life species upon it also.

To save this planet and their lives, the saving of it must start by no later than the year of 2035 that is thirteen years before 2048 as being year of the time and date of the "Point-Of-No-Return", and THAT is the point in time of when after that date of when only an extreme miracle may be able to save the planet.

As per Reality; that miracle will not come by any magical modality.
Scientifically `miracles don`t happen. Science and reality happens.

To make a scientifically sure process of a near "miracle" by way of the science of physics to happen for real in the short remaining time we have, then you can get involved and make an all the amount of a donation you can to The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia (TPEOM) and be an active part of or a member of The Pyran Scientific Environmental Organization Malaysia and personally watch the {miracle} be made and put into action.

Donate and be credited as an active on site member or as being into the similar position that a "shareholder" is and being e-mailed internal progress reports of (TPEOM).

The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia (TPEOM) is a nonprofit organization registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs branch (ROS)Registry Of Societies.

Donations to The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia (TPEOM) will be known by the Malaysian Ministry of Finance, Putrajaya, Malaysia.
That says that all funds donated into The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia (TPEOM) will assuredly be focused at one objective, Saving Planet Earth by way of the EMC ~ MEC converter units that will be created and produced by TPEOM by way of the tool of funds donated into The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia (TPEOM).

To make your Donation all that you need to do is to make an ATM bank to bank transfer or a SWIFT bank to bank transfer of the donated funds after you have contacted TPEOM accounts administration and verbally received the bank account particulars.
While you are within that phone call to


you can also opt to be an active member or a {share} member of The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia (TPEOM). To do that you make a follow up with an e-mail of your public ok particulars to

and clarify your choice of option as a full time, part time or occasional times at the office member or as a not at the office {share} member or just a supportive donor that is making care for planet Earth.
And by that e-mail action from you your TPEOM progress reports will be able to get to you VIA E-Mail.

With assurance Malaysia TPEOM is conscious that the phone contact method to receive the banking particulars account number is for assurance that the banking particulars of The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia (TPEOM) are not just a public item for reasons that you are surely aware of.

Environmental Reference Links

Rain Forest Action Network

United Nations Environment Program

World Resources Institute

UN Food and Agriculture Association -

The State of World Fisheries and Aqua culture

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