"The Global Environmental, Ecological Recovery, Regeneration And The Saving Of Planet Earth

The Pyran Environmental Organization, Malaysia (TPEOM) NPO, NGO

Awareness, Compassion, Caring for All Biodiverse life forms of Planet Earth's' Life

AWARENESS: TPEOM invokes the scientific physics technology solution for Environmental Conservation & Resurrection of a naturally pure, clean planet Earth of the same as it was in the year of 1886, by or before the year 2045..
Preferably Conscientiously best to be completed from 2025 to 2030!

30,000 of us will do this as an international team., perhaps a much larger team.

For the Five years of this works, to compensate those 30,000 environmentalist assistants // interns will cost $9,090,000,000.00 (nine billion ninety million Dollars)

The countries of this world (230 of them) should each graciously donate into TPEOM the amount of $39,521,739.13 to uphold the cleaning of their country by a team of environmentalist assistants // interns that will then go into their country to return its environment to the status it was during its year of 1886. The purity of the environment and ecology will be the same as of the environment purity of 1886.
All residences, buildings and full infrastructure of that country will remain.

TPEOM’s Destiny of actions, is not to just study & log the observations.

TPEOM’s DESTINY as realistically correcting and removing the waste, POLLUTION from the environment, ecology and biodiversity of all of planet Earth by or before the year of 2045, and comprehends that the best is to start early, such as 2025.

Now' should TPEOM see & know that an adequate amount of the USD Cash 'tool' has//is placed into TPEOM. Then this makes TPEOM to charge forward from then.

We, TPEOM, do have the technology to perform with, even though the USD Cash 'tool' of TPEOM needs to be increased adequately ASAP to suit the environmental, ecological and Biodiverse job of saving this planet Earth within the coming decade with the full focal completion date point being focused at 31 January 2029.

That is the unconditional, no excuses and no procrastination must do focus that TPEOM is capable to do as because TPEOM then has that adequate amount of the USD Cash 'tool' $39M+ as having been placed into TPEOM at Hong Leong Bank, Ipoh.

TPEOM will require 10,000 persons to work this project as assistants // interns as environmentalists to operate those 5,000 environmental EMC~MEC converters at mapped and indexed geographical locations of Malaysia until all of Malaysia is cleaned into being pure again FOR ALL Malaysians & any visitors into Malaysia. Malaysian MBI as all the Majlis Bandarya's' (City Councils should include themselves into this as a source of environmentalism helpers to join with the TPEOM team.
The Government of Malaysia should donate $39M+ into this ‘project.
After Malaysia is cleaned of pollution rubbish, then TPEOM will ask/seek for 10,000 more assistants // intern environmentalists to operate another 5,000 EMC~MEC converters and go into Thailand to do & clean all of Thailand.
The Government of Thailand should donate $39M+ into this ‘project’.

Coincidently to that Thailand action the same will be occurring in Singapore with another addition 10,000 assistant // intern environmentalists to operate another 5,000 EMC~MEC environmental converters and go into Singapore to do & clean all of Singapore.
The Government of Singapore should donate $39M+ into this ‘project’.

We as TPEOM will go country by country until all lands are clean.

Each country that the cleaning 5,000 environmental EMC~MEC converters and the 10,000 team members goes into to clean then the Governments of those countries should donate $39M+ into this ‘project’.

After all continental lands are clean from pollutants of all types, Then all 30,000 of us with 15,000 environmental EMC~MEC converters will choose a continental coastal point location to start at //from to go into cleaning the oceans and seas.

From the oceans & seas we will go into all land locked aquatics to purify them.

That accomplished,then we turn to Planet Earth's Atmosphere, All of IT. ‘Country by country to clean them, Or we will do this while we are already in that country!
The Governments of those countries should donate $39M+ into this ‘project while we do our works in their country’

  (Left)The ISS Space view   
of Earth 2019             

TPEOM absolutely Must>
To go into the environment with an environmental converter (MEC) and to do an on the spot make correction/removal/destruction of environmental pollution at that point & geographic position.

The Most Polluted Cities in the world:
Shouguang, China, Zhengzhou, China,Luohe, China,Shangqiu, China, Weinan, China,Pingdingshan, China, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, Linfen, China, Cairo, Egypt, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Los Angeles is the most toxic city in America,

Totals into 16

TPEOM is not only an ‘observer’ organization.

This is TPEOM’s heart, mind, spirit & DESTINY of Dr. Prof. Yoshida

This composition, authoring and conversion from text into this web page entirely by;

Dr. Prof. Yoshida
Environmental Science Physicist
The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia
Linkok Rishah, Taman Rishah,
Ipoh Darul Ridzuan, Perak, Malaysia )

This, from concept to web page creation done Saturday, November 16, from 18:00:00 to 21:59:45

Those years of cleaning this planet will slip away shortly!

Awareness, Compassion, Caring for All Life

The modality of doing this is within the EMC at There is the converters for removing all the waste, pollution as plastics, human excretion waste, chemical pollutants as waste, industrial wastes, atmospheric pollutants and wastes and inclusive of fossil oil, micro plastics as well as large plastics that are polluting the seas, oceans and lands.


Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants.

TPEOM, is an alternative as a source for clear purely atomically, chemically clean H2O (water) as needed and as much of it as is needed and when and where at it is needed.
TPEOM, is an alternative as a source for clear purely atomically, chemically, naturally clean foods (any menu type) as needed and as much of it as is needed and when and where at it is needed.

TPEOM, is an alternative energy offering & it’s not solar, not wind, not hydro. Its Relative Energy as per A Einstein that is constantly all around and fully available anywhere any time. The solar & wind turbine engineers have no idea of how to tap into that pure 'green' type of energy anytime anywhere.

Very Well TPEOM does know the way for its technology to tap into that totally free Relative Energy source. Absolutely No Power Outages. No harm to anything animate or inanimate. energy by the billion of watt's of radiant Relative energy. Available or you.


The Deliberate ways TPEOM will care for or give you with
A fully capable life sustaining, life giving and unconditionally living world again as clean as it was in the year of 1886 with concern for these;

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A New Technology Introduction: The Converter Transporter (CT)

The Converter Transporter is for you to initialize it with your CT card that you bought from that CT you original chose to use and then to activate and to utilize the holographic selection screen inside of the CT as a touch screen to select your destination as local or international.

Being that your destination is local to go into your work office the Converter Transporter (CT) will deduct the minimal local charge to get you there with your briefcase... Or what you need with you to take into your works office.

The CT has the appearance of a British Phone Booth and being a few centimeters larger.

The Converter Transporter (CT)

You choose ‘international’ then you've properly as of days in advance inputted your passport into a CT document scanner slot for scanning by the CT to note your having a passport, so now the CT your now inside of can now read your CT transportation card and then with no delay connect into immigration to acquire your visa and confirm to you ‘your go’ inside of 5 minutes.

Then the sending CT you're in 'will put you at the receiving CT of your selected destination within seconds after the confirmation.

NOTE: Any CT will Converter Transport you to any other CT anywhere on Earth, that there is another CT.

After your arrival at your destination CT, then should the receiving CT being close to the entrance door into your office then you go ahead there to do your day.
Concluding the office work day and ready to return to your point of origin then proceed to that delivering CT and go into it to repeat your actions that will return you into the CT that you started from, and if your home/domicile is close to that CT then you are ‘home’.
All this for you, at one tenth the regular cost of such an international excursion.
The TPEOM Energy Cell needs no planetary assets to 'fuel it', thus zero operational cost

Dr. Prof. Yoshida Environmental Science Physicist.

L =60.96 mm W = 60.96 mm H = 71.12 mm
The Rubbish Converter.
>Not for sale!<

The Rubbish atmospheric Converter AAKA CT
L = 182.88 mm W = 91.44 mm H = 127 mm
>Not for sale!<

Cost for 1 = $1,450.00 Or MYR 6,001.75
The Full, The final solution for green, unlimited, self sustainable electrical energy technology as self renewable energy!
Voltage output can be set from USA voltage to Asian or European with amperages of a few amps to 300 Amps @ 50 or 60 cps AC

Cost for 1 EC = just your IC or passport # written by you into the TPEOM Log book
The energy source of the energy cell
Power 10 Light bulbs for a year continuously at no cost, nor recharge.
Economically Much better than Solar, or windmills. This can power any electric vehicle.
The Funding Cash “Tool” of $25M arrives 1st before this granting of distribution starts.

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The Science Modality


For the Love of our Planet Earth, For the Love and care of Life for all.

I give Hope and care to Planet Earths future to betterment.
I give Hope to Humanities continued future.
I give hope and care for all living species of life forms upon planet Earth.
My DESTINY with TPEOM is to provide hope, and the way for a continued life for all.

The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia is a nonprofit, organization destined to protecting human health and the environment.
A particular part of Its mission is to empower human people to live healthier lives in a healthy environment which is inclusive of all species of life upon this planet Earth.

To fulfill and complete the MISSION Objectives of Article II as of Part1, Part2, Part 3 and Part 4 by Monday, 21 November 2033 and to see and know and have every Objective fully active and to know that all of humanity is seeing and knowing that planet Earth is recovering its life and planet Earth and all species of life upon planet Earth will surely without hindrance live their full lives and not die of toxic waste or rubbish atmospheric poisoning as it is predicted and due as totality of termination by 2048. .

TO Article II, Part 1

Then I am complete, and at peace for my life again. I have then fulfilled all that called me into this TPEOM,
my call of DESTINY

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