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       Delving into the ways of considering Energy & matter.

       The scientific communities of Earth are well versed that matter, 'solid matter' is just a format of low frequency low vibratory energy and thus it appears as solid Tangiable seeable matter that every living entity is daily familiar with.
       Food is solid matter, Water is 2 vapors (gases) combined as a liquid.

       All 'touchable' items are supposedly solid 'matter' and they aren't just 'matter', they are a combination of energies as electrons (-) and protons(+), neutrons(0) and deuteron(0) that balance themselves into the formation of an Atom nucleus with the electrons in orbits around the nucleus of protons, deuteron and neutrons that form an atom of a certain specific named matter element due to the amount of electrons in the orbit around the same amount of protons, neutrons and deuteron's of the nucleus to make it a stable balance of the atom as an atomic element.

       Now in this year of 2019 planet Earth has a multiple of situations placed into it by its most prominent populous entity species tagged as 'Humanity'.

       They, the humans are great manufacturers / producers of waste, rubbish and toxic poisonous chemistry and more that is killing the planet.

       Entering into that aspect arrived TPEOM with the considerations of producing five more never before known atomic elements that would facilitate the institution of a new form of energy source known as the Energy Cell.

       Inclusively, the configuration of the converters of the EMC ~ MEC.

       The EMC is a atomic energy system that will tap into the constant surrounding energy and concentrate it into a notable force while it is stored within the new elemental internal walls of the converter and the internal mounted Extraordinarily Fast Computer Version 5 (EFCV5) that will index that energies patterns and store them within the multi Centillion bytes of memory that the EFCV5 has as a part of its configuration.

       Therein the converter and below the floor area of it is the EFCV5 and the energy cell.

       The extensive software Operating System of the EFCV5 has a clock operating at 1068 cycles per second, as is the RAM (random access memory) also of 1068 x 1068 x 1068 bytes of memory that is easily capable of storing every atom of the human body as per its DNA architecture and then being recalled or returned to its original human matter form when needed.

       Now in regards to just a normal everyday universal form of 'energy' that is intended to be converted into a specific form of 'matter' & use 'application'.

       Let us say;
       I just happen to be thirsty and I have a specific liking for Earl Gray Tea. So then I invoke the holographic menu screen of the EMC and bring forth the foods, drinks index menu listing to choose from.

       From that I select drinks such as teas and specify Earl Grey Tea. With that selection showing in the index selection portion of the EMC ~ MEC holographic screen, I then touch that selection and it is then loaded into the EFCV5 holographic selection display panel for EMC conversion and display as a solid object within the conversion chamber.

       One nanosecond action and it is there in the conversion chamber and collectable by a hand.

       My completion action is to tap the convert button display that is showing in the upper right hand corner of the Holographically projected selection screen.

       That done I can then open the door and collect my 50 ml crystal glass of EGT and enjoy EGT at its most very best.
       This action can be applied to anything of need of any quantity.

       A pair of pants, A dress, A pair of slacks, A pair of shoes, A pair of slippers, A pair of socks, A pair of pantyhose, A pair of undergarment shorts, anything of a clothing type of item required. Any FOODS or WATER or any other nontoxic liquids, Household items or needed office items.

The Energy Cell

Now in regards to Energy.

       The above energy cell can be and is configured at any output voltage and amperage (EMF) as needed and remains as it is preset at and thereafter stays as such for its existence of performance, no variations. Example: 420 VDC @ 300 Amps. 126,000 Watts of EMF. The converters inclusively utilizes energy from the surrounding energy source.

        This shows how & what 1 Energy Cell Does & for how long it will do such action.

       The Extraordinarily Fast Computer Version 5 (EFCV5) is a specifically designed and created computer system and its Operating System (OS) software is also specifically designed for The Pyran Environmental Organization, Malaysia (TPEOM) converter system.

       The memory of the EFCV5 and its Operating System and Basic Input Output Firmware is and was created primarily for The Pyran Environmental Organization, Malaysia (TPEOM)

       The Pyran Environmental Organization, Malaysia (TPEOM) is the only organization or entity of anywhere that has the designs and particular components of the TPEOM converter or its components.

       The atomic elements of the converter unit and the Energy Cell and the EFCV5 are all produced by the application of a Large Nuclear Atomic Particle Accelerator, A Cyclotron.

       The EMC ~ MEC & Energy Cell units are comprised of 5 newly created atomic elements.

This paper considered. composed by;

Dr. Prof. Yoshida BA. Bsc.
Environmental Science Physicist
The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia.
http://www.tgmncsb.com/The Pyran organization.html
Lenkok Rishah, Taman Rishah,
Ipoh Darul Ridzuan, Perak, Malaysia



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